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About Us

I am Anold Mtui and guiding people through the most beautiful National Park in Tanzania is what I am passionate about.  


I am an experienced tour guide of Mt. Kilimanjaro with well over 100 expeditions under my belt and a 96% summit success rate. I have lived at the basin my whole life and have been summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro since I was 15. I have a Bachelor's of Science in Education which helps me understand and have a greater knowledge of Mt. Kilimanjaro and its natural habitat, weather patterns, and living conditions.

I truly enjoy helping people experience this unforgettable adventure and always act with passion, experience, kindness, and readiness. Climbing Kilimanjaro is not about just the summit, it's all about getting opportunity to explore and feel the beauty of the miraculous nature and stunning features at the top of the roof of Africa. 

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